140717 Pepperwood Observations

We got our 3rd sample of fog water today!

It was about 75 mL, most of which was collected after sunrise this morning. The sample had a layer of dust in the bottom, and was quite turbid after inversion. This probably has to do with the long duration of the collector being open and the fan running (The fan was on since 5pm the previous day, despite no significant sample being obtained until later this morning).

Dan Fernandez was here today and commented that the passive collector did not register any fog during the same period in which we obtained this sample, so the active collector is getting for that this particular passive collector misses.

Upon Cleaning the collector in the afternoon – I saw that the tray was filthy (see image below). This is the first time I have seen this all summer. Lot’s of traffic, lot’s of fan time and the rinsing rather than the full clean of the collector the previous day, 7/16, all may have contributed to this.

140717 FogCollectorTray (Celeste)

Also, I saw two insects get trapped on and in the strands in the few minutes that I observed the collector running this morning, though none were visible in the sample itself they may be introducing materials to the sample.