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140818 R/V Point Sur

Positioned south of the outer Monterey canyon on the night of August 17th, 2014 a noticeably wet fog set in with light winds from the west.  We cleaned the collector, took an equipment blank and began collecting fog at 2315 hrs with ship maintaining position into the wind.  We checked sample at 0000 hrs on August 18th and noted about 10 mL of sample.  Continued collecting and checked sample at 0200 with little change in volume.   We checked sample at 0400 hrs and noted no change in sample volume.  Checked sample again at 0600 hrs and noted no change in sample.  At 0840 hrs we headed east toward our Brazil Ranch station and continued collecting sample while in transit.  At 1025 hrs we shut down the collector and retrieved a modest ~20 mls of fog water and making it a total of four fog samples collected on this cruise to date.

140817 Pt Sur

Held position off Montara Lighthouse last night hoping forecasts of patchy fog after midnight would materialize.  Clear all night and no sample collected.  After good luck up north Pt Sur fog collection has stalled at 3 samples.