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UC MERCED ATW – Feb7th-Feb15

Feb7th-9th No sampling due to needing a new sprayer.

Feb9th-12th No fog samples

Feb13 and Feb14: SF-ATW-160213 & SF-ATW-160214 were collected! about 100mL in each. Murky color with some sand/dirt in bottom of sample jar.

Feb 15: no fog sample. weekly acid bath per SOP will be preformed on the 16th of Feb.


Friday 29th of January: No sample present. We were expecting a storm over the weekend so I packed up the power supply unit on the active collector and shut the doors. Checked the guy-wires on the passive collector.

Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st: Checked on the passive collector as it was high winds. Was still standing.

Monday Feb 1st: Showed up at 9:30am to a fallen passive collector (HIGH winds Sunday night). I inspected the unit and there was no damage. I set it back up, and secured the guy wires. I watched the passive collector closely while I cleaned the active collector. The wind was strong during this time and the passive collector held up. After cleaning I followed the SOP and made a BLANK sample, and placed a sample jar there for the night.