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Montara – 07-20-14

Went to site around 11:00, mostly sunny and a little overcast but I cleaned the strands and inside if the collector with DI water and set up hoping to get a sample tonight. Sensors were working fine and the system read about 75% humidity this number matched up with the other humidity sensor on the passive fog collector.

Montara – 071416

Came to site around 10:00 about 30-35mL of fog water had been collected. Took sample and preserved with HCL on site. 1 bug in the sample and about 7 in the collection strands. Put sample in ziploc bag and immediately into cooler with frozen ice packs. Closed doors and shut system down as sunny weather predicted for the next couple days.

Montara- 071414

Went to site around 5:30 to check if sample was obtained. Fog collection machine had captured about 30mL of fog water. Water was yellowy and contained a few bugs. Collection strands had a high volume of bugs in them as well. Took sample and preserved with HCL on site. Put in ziploc bag and cooler with cold ice packs for preservation. Cleaned machine parts with 409 and DI water, however left the teflon tray inside the machine. Activated fog collector to try an collect a sample the next day.