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140723 Pepperwood Observations

Celeste Dodge activated the collector today, hoping for a foggy night. The sample jar was still in place after the 7/22 cleaning and was left as found on 7/23. RH was 53 and Temp 29 at 3:20pm.

Also collected 53mL from Alicia Torregrosa’s passive juvik or ‘harp’ style collector, which was installed on 7/20 for comparison to the Shaumenner and ‘German’ style passives collectors installed at Pepperwood.

140722 Pepperwood Observations

On 7/22/14 Celeste Dodge collected the full fog sample and cleaned the collector, but opted to shutdown due to forecasts of high clouds. At 8:40am the RH was 94% and Temp was 15 deg C. It looks like the met station recorded over 100% RH at that time and the Temp was around 15.

The collector has been turning on very early (before it becomes foggy) and staying on until way after the fog lifts. We shut down as the fog lifted in the a.m. of 7/22 because we wanted to avoid an opening on the night of 7/22 when fog was unlikely.

140719 pepperwood Observations

We had another full bottle of fog water this morning!

There was a small amount of grime in the bottom of the jar. At 9:30 a.m.  the fog had lifted and temp read 16.9 and RH was hovering at 87%, so the fan was kicking on and off despite the lack of fog.

Celeste is cleaning and setting up the collector this afternoon. Since it looks like the fog will continue, Dave Andersen will check on it tomorrow and Michelle Halbur on Monday. Acid washed some jars today too.

We got our 3rd sample of fog water today!

It was about 75 mL, most of which was collected after sunrise this morning. The sample had a layer of dust in the bottom, and was quite turbid after inversion. This probably has to do with the long duration of the collector being open and the fan running (The fan was on since 5pm the previous day, despite no significant sample being obtained until later this morning).

Dan Fernandez was here today and commented that the passive collector did not register any fog during the same period in which we obtained this sample, so the active collector is getting for that this particular passive collector misses.

Upon Cleaning the collector in the afternoon – I saw that the tray was filthy (see image below). This is the first time I have seen this all summer. Lot’s of traffic, lot’s of fan time and the rinsing rather than the full clean of the collector the previous day, 7/16, all may have contributed to this.

140717 FogCollectorTray (Celeste)

Also, I saw two insects get trapped on and in the strands in the few minutes that I observed the collector running this morning, though none were visible in the sample itself they may be introducing materials to the sample.

140716 Pepperwood Observations

The collector is behaving well. Fan and doors appear fully operational. Overnight the humidity rose enough to have triggered the system, but there was no sample. Celeste closed the doors at 8:50 a.m. and the collector came back on for a time, but the fog was light and no fog  condensated in the jar.

System was cleaned by Di rinse only and set up for collection in the afternoon.

Dan Fernandez and his students noted that the collector kicked on early in the evening (about 5pm) and stayed on all night.

140711 Peppewood Observations

Celeste Arrived to high fog, cloudy conditions at 8:10 am today. The collector was roaring and fully operational, but there was not enough moisture to get condensation on the strands and H2O in the jar. According to Michael Gillogly, the collector’s fan could be heard on during the night, but the clouds never dropped to form fog as far as he knows.

Collector was shut down and covered due to the dry forcast.

140710 Pepperwood Observations

Celeste arrived to mild foggy conditions (at 8:20 am) this morning. However, despite the heavy fog last night there was no fog water in the jar. The door on the active side of the collector never fully dropped. The Fogpi screen read FOG N(Y) and the big fan was not on although RH was 94% .

Like the previous day, Celeste stopped the collector and reactivated it, at which point it momentarily read FOG N(N), quickly changed to read FOG Y(Y) and then the big fan came on. The fog fully lifted by about 11:30, but there was not enough diurnal fog to produce a sample. During the clean this afternoon Celeste adjusted active door brackets to ensure more pop.

Thoughts are: the manual solenoid switch has continually been effective in opening the doors, so wind may be involved with the door not dropping last night. And, even though both collector doors were open on the morning of 7/9 perhaps it was a door issue (and not a program glitch) that caused the big fan to be off during high humidity on that morning.