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Samples this morning and yesterday morning at Montara after two weeks of high and dry.

14/08/18: After one of our wetter nights lately, 50 mL sample found. Preserved and cooled on site. Removed all parts for thorough 409 wash, followed by copious water rinse and finally a DI rinse, followed by a DI spray. Attached new sample bottle.

14/08/19: A drippy morning, 30 mL sample, preserved and cooled on site, removed strand racks for thorough DI rinse throughout. Was still above 90% when I left so left it running.

140816_ Montara

Past two weeks at Montara site has included almost daily checks with no measurable sample. Fog has been light and high as with many other places it seems. Occasionally the doors are not even open, but they usually are with only trace amounts in the jar. Because I was concerned about the length of time the fan was on due to the rh sensor reading a little low, one night we¬† manually switched it on at 9pm and off at 6:30am to ensure a full night of sampling. Same result, a few drops of water…

140803 Montara

andrewo on site 3-4pm. System operated last night all mechanisms seem to have worked. However, only a small amount of water in bottle ~5ml. Not sure if it was just more of this warmer, higher ‘fog’ or whether the low reading of the rh sensor is leading to undercatch. Set for tonight, minor clean only.

140802 Montara

Andrew on site 10:30-2pm. Montara’s active collector has been down for past few days. Problem was isolated to power supply which was not providing 12VDC for system as well as a rapidly downward drifting rh sensor. New power supply installed today. Got 12VDC out. All switches and fans tested fine. RH sensor still low (<half of nearby met station). Switched RH sensor. New sensor reads and responds reasonably, though seems about 5% lower than met station. Dismantled and cleaned all active sample parts in 409 with water rinse and DI rinse, reassembled and set for tonight… like a baited trap….