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The Fog Garden

We have collected 46 gallons of water since Jun 15 (61 days). It’s only 0.11 L/m2/d, far below the threshold for a fog supersite (~1 L/m2/d). Santa Cruz is in a partial fog shadow due to the southerly exposure to the ocean. Northwest is the best. Despite the reduced liquid water content of the air, we have collected enough water to make a meaningful difference in the growing of our vegetable garden.

Fog harvesting season has begun

The Fog Squad has set up 2 large fog collectors at the UCSC Farm for the 2023 fog season

Phil Grote is a student working on the fog harvesting project funded by the UCSC CarbonFund.

We are getting real-time fog collection data. This figure shows the mm of water collected over the past week. We had 3 fog events followed by a rain event. All this water is being collected and used to water our plants.

More photos to come!