Visit on 8/25/16

The MET station batteries seemed to be dying.  They were replaced.   The tipping bucket was also full, meaning it got plugged.    It seemed to occur around the time of the fire (around July 23-24) thus the high amount of ash in the water (see photo).     One of the bird spikes was also hanging off the mesh.  It was pulled off (that was all I could do without a ladder).

Data were downloaded from MET station and from SFC.  Guy wire was tightened on SFC.


Another good day to be a foghead!

Acid Washed on 8/25/6
Acid Washed on 8/25/6

We have been getting a sample nearly everyday for the last two weeks!

We have gathered a fair amount of fog this summer and now we’re ready to start testing them.

I acid wash the mesh filters every other fog event and I give a soap and a triple DI water rinse for every fog event.