160606 UCSC

Moderately wet drizzle this am, but only ~15 mL of sample at UCSC.  System came on at 0445 this am.  Still on at ~10:00.  I am thinking of modifying to a more upward facing system.

160605 UCSC

Surprised by ~100 mL of clear fog water (with one small fly).  Was cloudy but dry at my house so surprised to see there was wetness at UCSC. System cleaned and blank taken.  Many strands broken.

160602 UCSC

Another drippy night and another sample not collected.  Program froze probably due to bad RH sensor.  Intermittent.  I replaced it with a used one, but will wire up another one and replace soon.  Otherwise, triggering process appears to be working normally.

Visibility sensor arrived today.