150904 SFSU winding down

Dry conditions continue in  San Francisco too…
System working fine, Last sample: 15/8/29 (100mL)
Current warm spell used for acid bath (for sampling gear)
We plan to reinstall if/when we see fog over the next month since access is easy

150904 Marina Airport

Andrew O arrived at 1230, left at 1530. Conditions cool, clear and windy.

Active sampler: no sample, doors open, strands quite clean, closed doors.
FM120: was running so I switched it off via the laptop (hit ‘sample’).
Eddy covariance gear was running fine, left running and reset clock to laptop time.
Lysimeter system had lost power so I packed it up to bring back to SFSU for diagnosis.Passive samplers were still standing.

150901 UCSC

Nice way to end Fogust and start September with a 1/2 jar full sample at UCSC.  Noticeable wetness everywhere in Santa Cruz.  Cooler night time temperature definitely helps with condensation of marine layer.