Weather updates 150721

Lots of fog south of the GG despite yesterday’s forecast.  UCSC and LML collectors were not powered last night.  Surface conditions were quite dry so not sure any sample could have been collected but visibility was somewhat impaired — thick fog.

Weather updates 150720

There was monsoonal flow and moisture associated with hurricane Dolores on 7/18, 7/19, and 7/20.  From reading the forecast discussion, it appears that sites south of the Golden Gate will have a poorly consolidated marine layer and probably no stratus tonight 7/20. North of the GG, stratus will probably set in as the disturbance to the south is having less of an effect.

150716 UCSC

Heavy fog last night but collector came on at 8 am until 10 am and got a few drops of sample.  Triggering working properly from tipping bucket but am concerned that it triggers too late.  Changing to Rh only trigger > 95%.

Have a very small sample this morning at HSU Marine Lab.  Collector came on at 0438 but the front door did not drop down so when the fan came on it was opened only about 1cm.  Open the front door completely at 0920.  Still very foggy so we may get a collectable sample.