20140918 Fritzche

Updates on a few samples and the close down:


9/12/14  11:00 am :  full sample present, yet very dirty.  Considering how dirty the entire system was, I am unclear if it had been cleaned the previous day by one of my students.  Aliquot also taken.  Sample was acidified on 9/13.

9/13/14  very small amount – only enough for an aliquot.  System cleaned and a blank taken.  Blank was acidified that day.

9/14/14  11:15 AM 50 ml of sample  – bugs were removed from water and it was acidified that day.

9/18/14  2:00 pm  about 100 ml present.  Not sure when it may have been collected, since machine had been open for 3 days.  Aliquot taken and system powered down.  Sample acidified 9/18.

140827 LML Observations

Isaac arrived at the collector at 9:30am. The doors to the collector had been deployed however, no sample had been collected. The collector was then disassembled for cleaning. This was preformed by utilizing 409 and DI water. Upon completion of this process the collector was then reassembled and reset for the next fog event.

140830 LML Observations

Isaac arrived at LML at 10:20 am. The doors to the collector had been deployed and a sample had been collected in the sample jar. The sample measured approximately 50 ml. The sample was relatively clear with a small amount of sediment at the bottom. The sample was then removed from the collector and placed in a small labeled bag. The collector was then dissembled and cleaned with 409 and DI water. After the collector was reassembled a blank was then taken which measured approximately 200ml. The collector was then reset for the next fog event.