20140918 Fritzche

Updates on a few samples and the close down:


9/12/14  11:00 am :  full sample present, yet very dirty.  Considering how dirty the entire system was, I am unclear if it had been cleaned the previous day by one of my students.  Aliquot also taken.  Sample was acidified on 9/13.

9/13/14  very small amount – only enough for an aliquot.  System cleaned and a blank taken.  Blank was acidified that day.

9/14/14  11:15 AM 50 ml of sample  – bugs were removed from water and it was acidified that day.

9/18/14  2:00 pm  about 100 ml present.  Not sure when it may have been collected, since machine had been open for 3 days.  Aliquot taken and system powered down.  Sample acidified 9/18.