140829 UCSC

full bottle collected.  Split 15 mL for anion analysis, 100 mL were filtered with a bottle top 0.2 micron filter into a glass bottle then transferred into an I-Chem jar.  This was then acidified, as was the unfiltered 125 mL in the original jar.

140823 UCSC

High stratus over night with no wetness on the ground in the morning.  Arrived at 11 am to ISB greenhouse and there was about 20 mL of clear sample in the bottle.  Also the funnel/rain collector had about 3 mL in in it.  I kept the sample from fog collector and discarded the “rain” sample.  Cleaned the collector by rinsing in place.  Attached new bottle.  Reset program.

140819 LML

Weird Santa Cruz fog.  Dry all night, then started drizzling both at the seashore and at 800′ elevation starting at about 8 am.  Ground noticeably wet in openings.  No samples at either locations.  Collector at LML seems to be in working order (program, latches, etc).  Rinsed with DI water with strands in place.  Rinsed and reused sample jar.

140818 UCSC

Arrived at greenhouse roof at 10 am fog still clinging to the forest.  Had an overflowing full bottle of clear water with a little grit at bottom.  Cleaned collector by removing strand frames and washing with DI water only.  Whole system had a good rinse with DI and dried.   Timer installed on electrical cord set to turn system on between 1 am and 12 noon.

140816 UCSC

Another drippy night at elevation of  ~500 ft and higher.  Got about 175 mL of fog water with some grit at bottom of bottle.  Am thinking of adjusting the timing of collection to have the collector come on at about 1 am until RH turns it off.  Right now the big fan is coming on at about 9 pm (91% RH).  Cleaned the collector without removing parts with copious amounts of DI and took a blank sample.  Reattached and cleaned up the water sensor wires.  Not getting a H2O=1 message anymore. Reset system for collection tonight.

140815 LML

Wet at the university but almost no sample at LML.  The collector was very clean with no bugs in it and there was about 3 mL of clear water in bottle.  This was discarded.  Program still running, all systems working.  Doors were open.  Odd that collector was so clean though.  Almost like it didn’t go on.  I should check the log file and see if in fact it was on.  Collector parts cleaned in place with DI rinse, dried and reset for tonight.