140626 Pepperwood Observations #BigFanNotOn

Celeste arrived at 7:00am today to an empty bottle once again. 😐 Fog was reportedly not heavy last night, but curiously the collector was open, RH was at 93.3% and the big fan was not on. I stopped the collector, then reactivated it and it fired up fine. At 7:30am the RH dipped below 90% and the fan turned off.

There was A LOT of heat in the electrical box upon arrival and the heat was apparently radiating from the wire connecting Big Fan Relay to the Big Fan Switch (the same wire that burned out previously). It was hot! Maybe this relates to the fan not being on during RH>90?

One thought on “140626 Pepperwood Observations #BigFanNotOn

  1. admin

    Hi Celeste,
    Keep me updated on this situation. I am planning to come up again once I get back from vacation on east coast. 2nd week of July. If all else fails you can always run system manually but opening doors and turning on fan at night and coming back in the morning to turn off. Maybe train Michael how to turn on?


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