150615 SFSU (formerly MTA)

Greetings fog-folks, our new active sampling site at SFSU is deployed. This sampler was located at Montara Lighthouse (MTA) last year but moved to SFSU campus to try and find higher fog deposition rates. SFSU is in the SW corner of SF, ~1 mile in from the coast. The sampler is mounted on the roof deck of a 10 story building at ~50 masl.  We deployed June 4th, 2015, so here is the summary of operations so far…

060415: Deployed active sampler on rooftop deck, tested system, collected a blank, which Peter took with him. Have not yet mounted passive sensor.
060515-060915: Doors remained closed, suspect droplet sensor is not triggering since RH is often above 75% here. System checked and tested fine. Full lab cleaning.
061015: Rain in night, doors open, fan on but no sample. Rain drops on floor of sampler near door. Assume rain drops were too heavy for fan to draw all the way to strands?? Full lab clean.
061115: Doors open, fan on, sample in bottle ~30-40mL, sample refrigerated (fixed with HCl and refrigerated 061515). Full lab clean.
061215: Doors open, fan off, no sample, DI rinse
061515: Doors closed, fan off, no sample, tested system, power supply failed testing, took parts away to acid bath, while we wait for new power supply.

Plan to mount passive sensor and meteorological sensors this week and install new power supply to active sampler when it arrives.

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