140728 LML Observations

Isaac arrived at LML at 9:30am both doors on the fog collector had not opened and no sample had been collected. Upon closer examination the system had appeared to have been turned off prior to arrival. It was later determined that this was done during the previous day when the collector was serviced. The collector was turned back on and immediately the system began to run the program to collect the fog. the system at this point was operational however when the humidity measurement was increased by blowing on the sensor the system began to initiate the process to collect fog. Sounds for the solenoids to fire were noted but the solenoids did not fire and the system froze. The system was turned off and a test was run. The test showed that the solenoids again did not fire but the big fan did turn on for awhile until it automatically went off. A manual test was then administered to test the firing of the solenoids and the big fan. The results of this test showed that the solenoids did not fire but the big fan did fire. The system was then turned off in order to determine further causes of the crashing.

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