140725/26/27 LML

On the 25th Kona found that the doors were open but the system had crashed and one of the wires to the small fan was broken.  She reset the system and dismantled the apparatus to wash with 409 at the sink. During the cleaning process the system crashed again.  A system test ran smoothly and the system was reset.

The next morning the system had crashed again after the doors opened.  Kona tested the system manually by increasing the humidity on the RH sensor.  The small fan could not run due to a faulty wire, the doors opened, then there was a click sound but the big fan did not turn on and the system froze.  Kona rinsed the apparatus with DI.  The system was reset again in hope of something different the next day.

The morning of the 27th Kona arrived to find the same situation had occurred.  The apparatus appeared clean so she closed the doors and shut down the system.

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