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150709 PPW

sample volume 100mL, water quite cloudy with a layer of grime settled on the bottom despite yesterday’s cleaning (there was lot’s of traffic last night and the collector came on well before dark), over cast when jar collected at 8:45am on 7/9/2015, rain developed later in the day.  There was lots of new grime and dirt in the tray (more than previous day prior to that cleaning). Collector was cleaned, and is currently off because RH is high enough to trigger (100%), but it is not foggy. entry made at 4:10pm 7/9/2015. Will turn on at 5:00pm.

It is likely that tonight’s sample will be a mix of rain and fog. Cool! Also, I enjoyed seeing the sample of fog in the jar from my breakfast table this morning!



150708 PPW

Peter got the active fog collector up and running very early this morning, and we were able to get our first sample today! The webcam is back online as well after an offline stint. It has been mostly fogless and dry at Pepperwood, which has above the marine layer and below the clouds for most of the early summer. This morning there was a deep marine layer with classic tiny droplets. We missed one sig fog event on Monday 7/6 due to malfunction.

sample volume 75mL, water clear, general weather descriptions, sample collected at 8:45am on 7/8/2015.  There was grime and dirt in the tray, due to the long period since the last clean. Collector was cleaned and reset and program modified to trigger only when the RH reaches 99.5. entry made at 2:10pm 7/8/2015.

*A small white plastic component fell off the door (placed it in my toolbox). It looks like it was 1 of 2 components holding the wiring that runs up to the solenoid. Should be fine without it.

150703 LML

100 mL of clear fog water collected at 8:30 am.  Sample taken to peter’s house and refrigerated until 5 pm when it was split into aliquot and the remaining sample acidified in the lab.  Minimal bugs collected.

150702 LML

75 mL of fog water obtained this morning at 8 am.  No sample collected at UCSC, fog confined to immediate coast. 1 insect floating in sample, otherwise not many insects in collector.  Standard cleaning.  Took aliquot and acidified remaining sample.